Road Ready Prepared℠ is Included with all courses.

Courses 1, 2, 3 and the CDL Refresher Course all include the Road Ready Prepared℠ training that we have developed and that we provide to every student at no additional cost.

After obtaining your CDL, you will either apply for work with a trucking company or become an owner operator. Whichever path you choose, you will still be required to perform several fundamental skills on a daily basis that only we at Red Line Trucking School train every student to master. These skills will make you a safe and knowledgable Class A Driver either as an employee or an owner operator.  

What's included:

  • Utilizing 3-points of contact when exiting and entering your truck
  • Do a W.A.L.K. awareness check before departure
  • Learning the FAL℠ and LAF℠ procedures
  • Learn the safe and proper way to couple and uncouple a truck and trailer
  • Understanding the importance of the 'get out and look' before backing into a dock or loading zone
  • Learn to perform and master the alley dock maneuver that will be essential for every day driving.