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Red Line Trucking School

Hazmat Endorsement

Hazmat Endorsement

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Do you need to add the hazmat endorsement to your Class A license? 

We can help you with that and here’s why it’s important to have this endorsement on your license. 

Having a hazardous materials endorsement on your current Class A license can make you more employable because it demonstrates to potential employers that you have undergone specialized training and are qualified to handle and transport dangerous or hazardous materials safely.

This endorsement signifies that you understand the regulations, protocols, and safety measures associated with transporting such materials.

This specialized skill set makes you a valuable asset to companies that require the safe and compliant transportation of hazardous materials, increasing your job opportunities and potentially leading to higher pay due to the increased level of responsibility and expertise. 

  • Course is FMCSA compliant 
  • Study online at your own pace
  • All study material is provided to assist you. 

Contact us today to get the hazmat endorsement added to your current Class A License. 

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